Is it ruining your confidence?

Is imposter syndrome
taking the fun out of photography?




Don’t listen to that voice.

Learning a new craft when you’re an adult, let’s be honest, sometimes it kind of sucks. Isn’t it so much easier when you’re a kid and everything is pure fun? I know the feeling—you follow your dreams and become a photographer, then those growing pains tell you you’re not good enough.

The Novella Workshop at Industrial Grove Wedding Venue in Fair Grove, MO.

Rediscover your joy while learning skills that will make you proud to say you’re a photographer.

We all get imposter syndrome. But if you push through and learn to enjoy your journey as a photographer, you’ll do it because you love it. And the more you do it the better you’ll get.We all get imposter syndrome. But if you push through and learn to enjoy your journey as a photographer, you’ll do it because you love it. And the more you do it the better you’ll get. The Novella Workshop is a place where you can fall in love with photography again. Not only with the joy of photography but with yourself as a photographer.

Be a kid again.
Have fun exactly where you are.

What if you haven’t lost your joy but still have imposter syndrome? What do you do?

We’ve all been there too. You love every facet of photography—finding gorgeous locations and capturing the smiles and laughs of clients you love; editing until the look you have in your head finally comes together on the screen; meeting new people and discovering new places and experiences. 

But maybe you’re comparing yourself to another photographer who has more experience. Or maybe the business side of photography has got you feeling overwhelmed, and a little lost. All of it adds up to a voice in your head that says you’re not cut out for this line of work.

again, Don’t listen to that voice.




will equip you, connect you, and transform how you view yourself as a photographer.

Learn practical skills from proven professionals to increase confidence. Share your work and knowledge with a community of like-minded photographers. Network and establish relationships with people in the industry. This is the place to become the photographer you need to be…and to have fun doing it



What they're saying



Stephanie Justice

Novella workshop was something my creative soul needed. I think in this industry it’s so easy to get into a mundane routine and feel some burn-out. This workshop was exactly what I needed to break down some creative barriers. Bailey thought out every single portion and moment of this event and I could not be happier with my experience. She created the most beautiful setups, with really informing table-talk discussion too. I had the opportunity to connect with other photographers, create some really cool images, and get my wheels turning for future projects I would love to do! Novella is the place to be! ❤️



Kalee Prock

The Novella workshop was my first wedding workshop and it was SO worth it! The amount of creativity and cup filling at this workshop was indescribable. Bailey is so talented at making these visions come to life. One of the best parts of this workshop was meeting other extremely talented photographers and learning from them. Thankful I was able to be a part of this special event 🤍 

Why this workshop?

+ The opportunity to work with acclaimed wedding vendors 
+ The chance to grow your wedding photog community 
+ Instruction on posing and guiding your wedding couples 
+ Three table talk hosts discussing hustle culture, staying creative in your craft, and finance. 
+ Implementing the three C's: Creativity, Community, and Change in your business

What will you learn at this workshop? 

+ Four hours of rotational shooting
+ Three distinctly styled shoots with different lighting opportunities 
+ Flat lay creativity station 
+ Studio branding station to update your headshots 
+ Small grouping to keep shooting intimate  
+ Light dinner and drinks with three photography industry hosts

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